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Frequently Asked Questions

What does TEU stand for?

Definition – TEU stands for Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit which can be used to measure a ship’s cargo carrying capacity. The dimensions of one TEU are equal to that of a standard 20′ shipping container. 20 feet long, 8 feet tall. Usually 9-11 pallets are able to fit in one TEU.

What is TEU shipping?

In common use, the twenty-foot equivalent unit (or TEU) is a measure of shipping capacity based upon the volume of a standard twenty-foot long by eight-foot wide by about 8.5-foot tall metal container.

What is TEU and FEU in container shipping?

TEU is an acronym for Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit. FEU is an acronym for Forty Foot Equivalent Unit. Both are used to describe the size of a container. They're also used as a measure to standardize the amount of volume being referenced.

What is TEU for container ships?

A TEU or Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit is an exact unit used to measure cargo capacity for container ships and container terminals. To simplify, you must know the basics. There are two common international standardized container types- twenty and forty feet long. A twenty-foot unit is externally measured at about 6 meters long.

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