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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tennessee a community property State for divorce?

The fact is, roughly half of all marriages end in divorce, at which point all property acquired by a couple during their marriage -- called "marital property" -- becomes subject to division. In states with "community property" laws, property acquired during the marriage is often split 50/50. Tennessee is not a community property state.

How is property divided in a divorce?

In divorce, property is divided in the most fair or “equitable” way possible. First, the court must determine what property owned by you and your spouse is legally subject to Equitable Distribution. Second, the net value of this property must be established.

What are the divorce laws in TN?

10 Laws You Should Know If You're in Tennessee. Grounds for divorce. Tennessee divorce law allows couples to obtain a "no fault" divorce only after a separation of two years and if no minor children are involved. Otherwise, grounds for divorce include adultery, drug addiction, cruelty, or the existence of a previously unresolved marriage.

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