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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Tenderfoot Creek Campground?

Tenderfoot Creek Campground unveils views of the surrounding mountains from every direction and offers campsites that face the edge of a glistening lake. Perched along Summit Lake on the Eastern Kenai Peninsula of Alaska, Tenderfoot Creek provides an ideal destination for fishing, kayaking, canoeing, hiking and wildlife watching.

What can you do on Lake Tenderfoot?

The 35 sites are spread along a loop in the alder, willow and spruce woods on the hillside above the lake, with clear-running Tenderfoot Creek passing through. The 258-acre lake has been stocked regularly for decades, and provides summer habitat for swans, loons, bald eagles and beavers. Launch a canoe or kayak and explore its mirror-like waters.

Where to camp near Upper Summit Lake in Alaska?

If you want to camp beside subalpine Upper Summit Lake close to trumpeter swans and fishing for rainbows, take the family to this campground deep in the Kenai Mountains off Mile 46 of the Seward Highway.

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