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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use party templates for home parties?

These party templates are super easy to use as you quickly print them out and make fun crafting for home parties or any occasion. Print the free party template on pretty paper of your choice. Then cut, fold, glue and you have beautiful, cost effective decorations, tags and cards.

Which is the best template for wedding favor tags?

Mint To Be Wedding Favor Tag Template This favor tag template is a multipurpose one which can fulfill your wish to tag a favor for your relatives and guests as well as you may gift it to your most special one.

How can I personalise my favour tags?

You can add a small message on these sample favour tags to personalise them. The convenient size of the tags make them ideal to hang or tie to most products and gift items. Small logos or pictures are also available on these tag templates. These Wedding Favor Thank You Tags can be used to attach to wedding gifts.

What is a rustic favor tag template?

This Rustic Favor Tag Template is a cute gesture in itself to tuck up with bottled kind of gifts like perfumes & scents. You can also write your heart out on this template. Here is a bunch of ready to use favor tags in varied and catchy colors which is sure to bring smile to the receivers face.

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