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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Teespring design support?

One great aspect of Teespring is Design Support - a team of dedicated graphic designers here to help you successfully launch campaigns. We assist you in setting up your campaigns as well as provide crucial design help.

How do I change the size of my Teespring design?

In photoshop, use ‘change image size’ option to get your design to at least 3570 x 5370px and then export/save it as a PNG. Keep in mind you may have to resize the design once it’s uploaded to the Teespring Launcher; sometimes by adjusting the design to a slightly smaller size you can raise the DPI (quality).

What should I look for in a Teespring banner?

Keep in mind when people view your store on mobile the center of the banner will be shown – the height is set to at least 460 pixels but the width will adjust based on the viewer’s device. Logo: Logos are especially useful for Teespring Creators with their own brand.

How do I design a Teespring storefront?

Teespring Storefronts 1 Storefront design elements. The logo header sets the mood of your store. ... 2 Optimizing storefronts. Add a variety of products —you’ll want to feature at least two or more designs. ... 3 Product display logic. ... 4 Listing page branding. ... 5 Product categories. ... 6 Add new products directly to storefronts. ...

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