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Frequently Asked Questions

How to promote your Teespring products?

Top 3 ways to promote your products 1 Social media#N#With 3.5 billion people using social media as of 2019 it’s no surprise that it’s also one of the most... 2 Teespring integrations#N#Teespring offers an extensive list of exclusive integrations designed to help you sell more. 3 Email marketing More ...

What is Teespring’s new product category update?

With Teespring’s new product category update it’s easier than ever for shoppers to find products in your store. Categories are automatically enabled for any new storefronts you create (after May 10, 2019).

Does Teespring have an embedding widget?

Teespring used to have an embedding widget, but discontinued it for some reason. I've searched the Teespring FAQ... nothing there on this. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

What is Teespring X Google Shopping?

Google Shopping: The Teespring x Google Shopping integration creates a game-changing opportunity for sellers to get their products in front of millions of shoppers. Google Shopping ads can provide Teespring sellers with lower CPCs (cost per conversion) and higher ROI (return on investment).

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