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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make money on Teespring?

How do I make money using Teespring? You choose the selling price and profit for all of your products. When a product sells you get to keep the profit. For example, the base cost of a t-shirt is $10 and your selling price is $24; when you sell a shirt you will earn $14.

How does Teespring work?

– Teespring Community How does Teespring work? Teespring is a free platform that lets you create and sell over 50 kinds of products with no upfront cost or risk. We handle everything, from printing to shipping to customer service.

How do I contact Teespring customer service?

Call Teespring customer service @ 1 (855) 833-7774</div> JUMPER: Just Using My Passion to Elevate Realties. I am passionate about the art of flight and pushing my body to transcend what many believe to be impossible.

How do I hire a graphic designer for my Teespring website?

Once you have the design you can upload it directly on our website through the Teespring Designer. – A website that aggregates people who are specialists in their field (such as graphic designers) looking for additional work. You choose the hourly rate you’re willing to pay.

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