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Frequently Asked Questions

Is anyone making money with Teespring?

Yes, Teespring is still proving to be very profitable in 2019. Although more people are joining Teespring, the site is getting bigger and bigger, and scaling up their marketing. They have added a few new features (like the Trust Score) that new sellers should know about. How much profit does a shirt make? Selling for $25 is good.

How to promote Teespring campaign?

Share new designs and products: it's a great idea to share new designs and products with past customers. ... Thank customers: who doesn't love a little gratitude? ... Share promotion codes: we know promo codes can boost sales by up to 60%, so why not thank past buyers by offering a discount on new products. More items...

How does Teespring work?

1. Creators design & launch products. Thousands of stores and millions of unique products are launched on Teespring each month. The profits from your purchase are sent to the person who created that design or to the charity of their choice. Your product will be made for you and shipped by our awesome team in Kentucky.

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