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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a sleeve print to my Teespring listing?

Once your listing is live head back to the Teespring Launcher. Click the ‘Sleeve Print’ product icon. Next, use the form to enter your listing URL and design file (s) for one or both sleeves.

How do I change the size of my Teespring design?

In photoshop, use ‘change image size’ option to get your design to at least 3570 x 5370px and then export/save it as a PNG. Keep in mind you may have to resize the design once it’s uploaded to the Teespring Launcher; sometimes by adjusting the design to a slightly smaller size you can raise the DPI (quality).

What is Teespring design support?

One great aspect of Teespring is Design Support - a team of dedicated graphic designers here to help you successfully launch campaigns. We assist you in setting up your campaigns as well as provide crucial design help.

What's new in the Teespring launcher?

The new Teespring Launcher makes it easy to upload and preview your designs on tons of different products. This month we’ve released new updates to enhance the accuracy and quality of our prints.

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