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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Teese vegan cheese?

Teese Vegan Cheese is a plant-based cheese alternative that delivers the familiar flavors and textures your customers are looking for! Created for restaurants and food service channels, Teese is available in heat & serve sauces and in firm slice & shred cheeses.

What sauces does Teese come in?

Our sauces come in two flavors: Creamy Cheddar & Nacho Style. It’s so easy to make vegan mac & cheese using Teese Vegan Creamy Cheddar Sauce. Just heat & serve or customize as you wish! Creamy cheddar is also perfect for drenching french fries or creating authentic ballpark nachos.

What are teteese's firm cheeses?

Teese firm cheeses make it easy to update existing menu items and add new vegan options. Whether you’re looking to shred our mozzarella on a vegan pizza or slice our cheddar for a grilled cheese sandwich, chefs love the taste, texture, melt, and stretch. Our firm cheeses come in two flavors: Mozzarella & Cheddar.

What is Teese vegan Nacho sauce?

Teese Vegan Nacho Sauce is mildly spiced with jalapeño, perfect for plant-based nachos or any south-of-the-border-inspired dish. Teese Vegan Cheese sauces are heat & serve products. Simply heat at medium temperature until thickened.

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