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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a software driver for the tecware Phantom RGB keyboard?

There is a software driver for the Tecware Phantom RGB keyboard, and the installer can be downloaded from this page. The driver is product-specific, as the name suggests, and Tecware has similar software drivers for their other peripherals.

How many keys does the tecware Phantom keyboard have?

The TECWARE Phantom is available in both the full-size 104-key layout as well as the Tenkeyless 87-key layout. With a minimalistic concept in mind, the keyboard is built with a low-profile case, measured to house only the keys of the keyboard, less any unnecessary buttons or decorative embellishments.

What makes the tecware Phantom so special?

Built with an alloy baseplate and double-shot keycaps, the TECWARE Phantom is built with a sturdy yet compact design that will last for years. It is also equipped with 100% anti-ghosting technology, with full key rollover, to ensure that every key press registers.

How can I Make my Phantom keyboard look better?

Take it up a notch. Experiment with different keycaps and slap on a cover to create a whole new look for your Phantom.

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