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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a team builder in NCAA Football 14?

How To Create New TeamBuilders in NCAA Football 14 1 On your main menu, click on Team Management. 2 Click on TeamBuilder. 3 Download any team whose logos appeal to you. This is important as you will choose between numbers on the helmet, this... More ...

Where can I find the AST editor for teambuilder?

-NCAA AST Editor. It can be found in #tools in the discord -EA DB Editor. It can be either Xan’s Generic Editor or Skulletor’s updated editor. In this guide, I’m assuming that you are trying to get a dynasty up and running with a Teambuilder team.

How do I change my team's data in teambuilder?

SWITCH YOUR DYNASTY TO YOUR COMPUTER. 3. Go to the Team Data tab and find your TeamBuilder team. Change it’s data (city, state, Rival, Name, etc).

Is there a stadium Selecter in teambuilder?

Of course, a core feature of TeamBuilder was the stadium selecter. This remains the same, although with everything in this mod, it takes more time as you don't get to see the stadium. A (mostly) complete list of stadiums in the game: You will also want to change the Stadium Name and Team Name.

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