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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best city in Sweden?

The City of Uppsala. Uppsala is the best city in Sweden for hot and hip nightlife - after all, it's a university town with thousands of students, lots of events and a great transportation network. But there are things that appeal to all ages: The long and interesting history of this city includes a Viking burial site called Gamla Uppsala and...

How is Sweden doing on virus?

Even with Sweden’s lack of a lockdown, the country is still a long way from herd immunity. This is the point at which enough people are immune to a virus that it stops spreading out of control. Scientists estimate that herd immunity for the new coronavirus occurs at 70 percent.

How safe is Sweden for travel?

Sweden is generally safe for women traveling solo, except in some parts of it, such as Rinkeby in Stockholm, after dark. Just follow the rules of common sense such as avoiding deserted and poorly lit streets and areas, and your trip should go smoothly.

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