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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat sushi?

Eating sashimi, slices of raw fish accessorized with vegetables, is the better way to order. It should be noted, too, that sushi is raw, so people with immune deficiency, like the elderly or chronically ill, and pregnant women should take care when eating foods that haven’t been heat-treated, she says.

Is sushi a kosher food?

Sushi works well as a kosher food, especially for a catering company. “From a kosher standpoint, it’s really easy,” Shandrovsky said. Certifying fish kosher is simpler and less expensive than certifying meat, because the level of supervision required is lower.

Is sushi a dessert?

If having sushi for dessert just sounds way too crazy, hear us out — fruit sushi is actually super tasty, and it's also visually stunning enough to wow even the most jaded of dinner guests. Dessert sushi combines traditional sushi rice with bright, sweet fruits. Don't worry, there's no fish anywhere in sight.

Is sushi an Asian food?

Although sushi is commonly associated with Japan, it originated outside of the country. Early historical records trace it back to regions of Southeast Asia around the Mekong River in the second century CE. It started out as narezushi or fermented fish wrapped in sour rice, a dish that later spread into China and Japan.

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