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Frequently Asked Questions

What new car and motorcycle concepts can we expect by 2025?

Here are 25 amazing car and motorcycle concepts you can expect by 2025. The Aston Martin RapidE AMR is an expected limited edition luxury electric car that Aston Martin’s CEO says will be superior to any of Tesla’s offerings. It will start at $255,000, and only 155 of them are expected to be made, with a release date set for 2019.

What does the future of Supercars look like?

One of the biggest factors shaping the future of supercars is the recent drive towards electrification and its associated expertise. Cars like the Rimac Nevera offer a glimpse into just what the supercar space will look like in the near future.

What new cars are coming out in 2025?

Although we’re still a ways off from 2025, there are a number of new vehicles we expect to debut in four years. One of the most exciting debuts scheduled for 2025 is the Cadillac Celestiq, which promises to be the American luxury brand’s flagship electric sedan.

Is this Aston Martin's new Hypercar?

This time, the car sports a completely new design and will be marketed as a hypercar. Aston Martin will be switching to a mid-engine layout for the new car and the powertrain, a hybrid V6 unit, is expected to produce up to 700 hp.

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