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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Find my individual member number for taxes?

Please note: When filing taxes, dependents should use their individual member number, including the suffix. Dependents can find their member number either on their member ID card or on their individual coverage record as it appears on Form MA 1099-HC. When will I receive Form MA 1099-HC?

What is my subscriber ID and where can I find it?

Your subscriber ID is the number associated with your particular health care insurance plan It should be located on your insurance card If you have insurance for just yourself, the subscriber ID will only be associated with you If more than one member in your household is insured through the same plan, you will all have the same subscriber ID

Who is the subscriber on a health insurance policy?

The subscriber is the primary adult who applied for insurance. That person becomes the subscriber. Any dependents should have the same insurance information as that of the subscriber. It becomes a family plan whether you’re getting insurance for a couple or for a household with children.

Do all insurance companies use the same subscriber ID?

Every insurance company, including those on the Marketplace, will use their own design when issuing a health insurance card. While many companies will use the exact terminology of “Subscriber ID,” some may use different terminology. Other terms that mean the same thing as subscriber ID are: Why is the subscriber ID important?

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