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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stream east?

Streameast is a live sports site that offers sports content for free to its users. The site is new in the world of free live sports streaming sources. As streameast is a new website, it still provides quality content which most of the other oldest sources don’t.

What is the best internet speed for live streaming?

You need a minimum download speed of 3 Megabits per second to watch a single video stream in clear, standard definition. The best Internet speed for HD streaming is 5Mbps, and if you go all the way up to 4K streaming, or ultra HD, your bandwidth should start at 25Mbps.

What is the best streaming TV services?

The great-granddaddy of streaming services remains the best. As you probably know, Netflix provides unlimited streaming of TV shows, movies, comedy specials and original programming (including Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards and the fourth season of Arrested Development) for one monthly subscription fee.

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