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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most reliable mobility scooter?

The Most Reliable Mobility Scooters. The long distance mobility scooter can travel 28-miles per complete charge, with a 24V lead acid rechargeable battery. The weight capacity is 350 lbs. The affordable mobility scooter is currently on a discount of nearly 50 percent from the MSRP, as it is listed for $4,999.

What is a mobility scooter used for?

A mobility scooter is a mobility aid equivalent to a wheelchair but configured like a motorscooter. It is often referred to as a power-operated vehicle/scooter or electric scooter as well.

What are scooter stores?

Scooter Store. The SCOOTER Store, Ltd. was a privately held provider of power mobility products, including power chairs (or motorized wheelchair) and mobility scooters and related products and accessories, based in New Braunfels, Texas.

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