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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I work for Oregon Lottery?

The Oregon Lottery offers a broad range of opportunities where you can demonstrate your talent, enthusiasm, ambition, and ingenuity. Most positions are located at our headquarters in Salem or the Wilsonville Payment Center, but we also have field representatives covering territories across the state.

How many hours do Oregon Lottery employees have to work?

Requests may be considered case-by-case in terms of business need and is normally negotiated with the immediate supervisor. The vast majority of Oregon Lottery employees are required to work a standard 5 day week, 8 hours per day. If I’m offered a job, do I start at the minimum of the salary range?

What benefits does the Oregon Lottery offer?

The Lottery also offers a variety of optional benefits, life insurance, flexible spending accounts, retirement plans, and paid leave options. Our benefits are administered by the Public Employees Benefit Board (PEBB). Visit the Oregon Lottery career center to view and apply for open positions.

Does the Oregon Lottery offer visa sponsorships?

No, the Oregon Lottery does not offer visa sponsorships. Newly hired employees must provide evidence of their legal right to work in the United States within three days of appointment. I have been convicted of a misdemeanor.

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