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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find your divorce records online?

To find out whether the divorce records you seek are offered online, start at your state's judicial department or family court website. It should tell you how to find divorce documents. Alternatively, find the phone number of the courthouse where your records are located and call.

How to find a divorce decree in New York State?

To get a copy of a divorce decree, contact the County Clerk. If the divorce was granted before January 1, 1963, the divorce decree is the only type of document available. Divorce Certificate. This document contains basic information about the spouses, and the date and place the marriage ended. It is filed with the New York State Department of Health for divorces granted on or after January 1, 1963.

How do you get free divorce records?

Free divorce records are found either online or by going to the clerk’s office for the court that granted the divorce. Viewing the records may be free; however, the court may charge a fee for providing copies of the records, according to the National Center for State Courts. The National Center...

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