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Frequently Asked Questions

What are common jobs in Michigan?

The Most Common Job In MIchigan Is…. Through much of the '80s, as the U.S. economy shifted away from factories that make goods and toward offices that provide services, secretary became the most common job in more and more states. But a second shift — the rise of the personal computer — reversed this trend, as machines did more...

What is the state number for Michigan?

State of Michigan resides at State Budget Office, 111 S. Capitol Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933 provides here all the necessory details like contact number (517)373-7560 by which customers can reach to State of Michigan Go to, and get more information from there.

What is a Michigan State Trooper?

Michigan State Trooper Training. These State Troopers patrol the highways and state routes that crisscross Michigan. Most State Troopers are assigned to a specific geographical location and are responsible for patrolling that location in search of people committing traffic violations and other infractions and crimes.

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