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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hiring process at Starbucks?

How to Get a Job at Starbucks. Short hiring process. The Starbucks hiring process takes less than a week to complete on average, with many applicants spending as little as three days going through the necessary motions for hire. Some locations hold open house hiring events, which serve as company-sponsored job fairs, to recruit new workers.

Is Starbucks a good first job?

Starbucks is known to hire mostly based off of customer service and is often known for friendly and service-minded baristas. Having Starbucks on a resume as a first job looks good, as people will assume you know how to handle lots of customers well, and Starbucks is reputable for its hires.

What qualifications are needed to work at Starbucks?

To work for Starbucks you must be at least 16 years old (except for Montana where the minimum age is 14 years old). Retail positions you can apply at Starbucks are Baristas and Shift Supervisors. Shift Supervisors are expert Baristas who help to direct work during shifts and to create great experiences for their customers.

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