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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there two stars on the Scout emblem?

It is especially suitable for Scouts in that its three points serve to remind the Scout of the three promises which he makes on joining the Movement. Such a generic symbol could easily be copied and in 1909 special additions were made to it to the design to make it unique to Scouts. This included the addition of the two stars.

What are the requirements to get a star rank in Boy Scouts?

Ranks in the Boy Scouts of America. The Star and Life ranks require that the boy serve in a position of responsibility and perform community service. Except for Scout rank (and Eagle Palms as of August 1, 2017), all ranks require that the candidate participate in a Scoutmaster conference and pass a Board of Review.

What is the badge design for the Eagle Scout rank?

For each badge from Scout through Life, the badge design is encircled by brown lettering that says "2010 (Rank) Scout", and "Boy Scouts of America". For the Eagle badge, which already had the design surrounded by white lettering ("Eagle Scout"/"Boy Scouts of America") the only change is the addition of "2010" before "Eagle".

What is the Boy Scouts of America symbol?

A primary symbol of the Boy Scouts of America is the Fleur-de-Lis (pictured above) because of what it stands for and how prevalent it is within other Scouting artifacts such as rank patches.

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