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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different levels of sponsorships?

Depending on the nature of your event or organization, you may want to develop a sponsorship levels hierarchy (Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc…) that incorporates important aspects of your identity. Benefits and amounts in this sample template are arbitrary.

Should sponsors embrace a la carte sponsorship model?

Instead, embrace a model where a la carte sponsorship menu items are used in combination to attain various levels. Once those levels are hit, there should be other benefits/activation for the sponsor that can include on-site branding.

How do you label sponsorship levels?

Here are some examples of progressive conferences and how they handle the labeling of sponsorship levels: Another approach considers attendee-centric categories that point to the type of sponsorship. For traditional conferences, this might be “Education Champion” or “Experience Enhancers.”

How do I display my corporate sponsorships on my website?

Include the logos of your corporate sponsors on your online giving page and/or online ticketing page. If you have tiered sponsorships (where gold is the highest giving amount, silver is the second-highest, and so on) you can feature different sponsor pages for the different tiers. Include your presenting sponsors on your homepage.

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