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Frequently Asked Questions

What does sponsorship level mean?

Sponsorship level is determined by the total amount of purchased sponsorships and exhibit space. For example, by reserving the Wednesday Reception Bar ($10,000) and a Single Exhibitor Lounge ($6,500), your company would earn a Gold Sponsor level.

What are the benefits of sponsorship?

The main benefits of sponsorship can be categorized based on whether they directly help the sponsoring business or do so indirectly by benefiting the community as a whole. Direct benefits may include increased name or brand recognition and an improved public sentiment towards the business.

What is a presenting sponsor?

A presenting sponsor attaches the name of the corporation or brand at the end (or, sometimes, beginning) of a generic, usually traditional, name (e.g. Mall of America Field at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome).

What is charity sponsorship?

Sponsorship is a two-way street between charity and a business. The charity gets help with the expenses of the event; and the company gets exposure, low-cost marketing, and goodwill. Charities that understand what motivates companies to sponsor can win at the sponsorship game.

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