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Frequently Asked Questions

What does sponsorship level mean?

Sponsorship level is determined by the total amount of purchased sponsorships and exhibit space. For example, by reserving the Wednesday Reception Bar ($10,000) and a Single Exhibitor Lounge ($6,500), your company would earn a Gold Sponsor level.

What is a sponsor level?

Name your sponsorship levels in a way that highlights either your event theme or your organization’s work. For example, if you are holding an event to raise money for a school, you could name your sponsor levels: Scholar, Essayist, Author, Contributor, Friend.

How to write a winning event sponsorship proposal?

5 Steps to Write a Sponsorship Proposal Do Your Homework. Look for funding sources with causes or goals that are in line with yours. ... Define Your Goals. You need to be specific about what you want, in writing your proposal to the business or organization you're submitting it to. Identify The Decision-Maker. ... Include Your Objectives. ... Encourage Feedback. ...

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