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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the responsibilities of a project sponsor?

Typically the Project Sponsor will be responsible for: ensuring that the business need is valid and correctly prioritised. ensuring that the project is properly launched. ensuring that the project remains a viable business proposition. ensuring changes to the project are properly managed. ensuring risks are managed.

What is the role of the project sponsor?

The role of project sponsor is critical to ensuring the success of projects, especially IT projects. If an inappropriate IT project sponsor has been chosen, then effectiveness of the role is reduced, the project is not funded sufficiently, and the overall success of the project is likely to turn into failure.

What is the definition of project sponsor?

Project sponsorship is the ownership of projects on behalf of the client organization.

What is the role of a project executive sponsor?

Executive sponsor (sometimes called project sponsor or senior responsible owner) is a role in project management, usually the senior member of the project board and often the chair.

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