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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good project sponsor?

Here are the characteristics of a good project sponsor. Represents the project as a senior manager Your project sponsor should ideally have a seat around the boardroom table. Shares information Communicates widely when asked Makes decisions Attends the Steering Group Able to secure resources Approves changes Owns the benefits

What are the responsibilities of a project sponsor?

Typically the Project Sponsor will be responsible for: ensuring that the business need is valid and correctly prioritised. ensuring that the project is properly launched. ensuring that the project remains a viable business proposition. ensuring changes to the project are properly managed. ensuring risks are managed.

Who should be the project sponsor?

A project sponsor (often regarded as a project champion) can be any person or group of people who have a deep interest in or affected by the project to be created. So it is a stakeholder (who takes a stake in the project) having both the right and duty to provide and prioritize project financial resources.

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