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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to sponsor someone?

the position or function of a person or group who vouches for, supports, advises, or helps fund another person or an organization or project: The money from your sponsorship will go towards paying the child's school fees and ensuring they get three meals a day.

What is the role of a sponsor in the Air Force?

Sponsors act as positive adult role models and provide cadet candidates with a local support system, as many do not have family in the local area. Many sponsors either serve on active duty, in the Air Force Reserve, or are retired military; however this is not a requirement to become a sponsor.

What is project sponsorship?

Project sponsorship is the ownership of projects on behalf of the client organization.

What is a formal sponsorship program?

Formal sponsorship programs are also available to staff at all levels. A lady never calls on another under the sponsorship of a gentleman—unless he is her husband or father. Nichols had recently toured military bases under Defense Department sponsorship.

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