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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy parts for a Schwinn Airdyne bike?

Since 2005, Krislynn Cycle and Fitness has been the nation’s leading supplier of Airdyne parts. We are the Airdyne experts. Don’t hesitate call if you have any questions regarding repair parts, accessories, and/or maintenance of your Schwinn Airdyne! Schwinn Airdyne Bike Parts There are no products in this category.

What is the part number for the speedometer on a Schwinn?

This is a very good. Clean, used example of a 21½" Schwinn-Approved Huret speedometer cable, part number 08 472, just what you need for Huret-built ... more Schwinn speedometer installations on Sting-Rays or other bikes with 20" front wheels.

Who made the Schwinn approved deluxe bicycle speedometer?

This"Schwinn Approved" deluxe bicycle speedometer was manufactured in the USA by Stewart Warner of Chicago. Discontinued in 1969. It is a"must have" for 60's Schwinn collectors and is extremely difficult to find in this outstanding condition.

How many miles on a Schwinn stingray fastback speedometer?

Flexible, Collar ends are secure, no cracks, lubed. 2 SCHWINN StingRay Fastback & Huret SPEEDOMETER s Made in France Fit Most Bikes! TWO Speedo Heads included in this listing! Vintage late 60's original Schwinn Sting Ray speedometer. Removed from 1967 Schwinn Stingray Fastback with 20 inch wheels. 356 miles. Very Good physical condition.

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