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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of specialist species?

A generalist species is one that can live in a wide variety of habitats and have a varied diet, while specialist species are adapted to a particular environment or a specific diet. Koalas and tiger salamanders are examples of specialist species, while raccoons and mice are generalist species.

What is the difference between specialist species and generalist species?

The difference between the specialist and a generalist is that a specialist is a species with a narrow niche and a generalist is a species with a much boarder niche. The specialist species can only survive on fairly limited diets. Specialist thrive when conditions are just right.

What is a specialized species?

A specialist species can thrive only in a narrow range of environmental conditions or has a limited diet. Most organisms do not all fit neatly into either group, however. Some species are highly specialized (the most extreme case being monophagy), others less so, and some can tolerate many different environments.

What is a specialist animal?

An animal behavioural specialist studies a variety of animals, noting their behaviour in different environments and how their behaviour may change depending on the environment, hormonal changes, physical and mental changes, and many other factors.

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