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Frequently Asked Questions

How to join socksfor1 Minecraft server?

Enter a SOCKS server name. Enter the SOCKS server IP address or a domain name that is resolvable by the DNS server inside your network. You can now click "Join Server" to play on it.

How tall is socksfor1?

Socksfor1: Birthday: October 11, 2000: Age: 20: Gender: Male: Height: 6 Feet: Nationality: American: Profession: YouTuber: Net Worth: $23.08 million: Married/Single: Single: Instagram: @socksfor1: Twitter @Socksfor1: Youtube: Sockfor1, Socksfor2, Socksfor3

Is socksfor1 kid friendly?

Since then, he has grown into one of the most popular kid YouTubers by making toy reviews or unboxing, skits, and child-friendly challenges. He is a teenager now, but he still uploads videos that both kids and parents love. This channel is definitely recommended to kids since the content is definitely suitable for children!

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