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Frequently Asked Questions

What does slugging someone mean?

Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Slugging. Slugging, also known as casual carpooling, is the practice of forming ad hoc, informal carpools for purposes of commuting, essentially a variation of ride-share commuting and hitchhiking. Typically slugging is motivated by an incentive such as a faster HOV lane or a toll reduction.

What does slugging average stand for?

Slugging a measure of the effectiveness of a batter at reaching base and advancing other runners, calculated as the sum of the number of bases reached on each hit, divided by the total number of times at bat.

What is a good slugging percentage?

Despite this, there is more or less a defined benchmark for a “good” slugging percentage. A.450 slugging percentage is considered good and a.550 slugging percentage is outstanding. Likewise, moving towards the extremes, a.350 slugging percentage is poor and a.650 slugging percentage is elite.

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