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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a slug flow regime?

n. [Production Logging] A multiphase - flow regime in pipes in which most of the lighter fluid is contained in large bubbles dispersed within, and pushing along, the heavier fluid. The word slug normally refers to the heavier, slower moving fluid, but sometimes to the bubbles of lighter fluid.

What is slug flow in chemistry?

An image depicting slug flow, where gas bubbles in a liquid 'slug' push along a larger gas bubble. In fluid mechanics, slug flow in liquid–gas two-phase flow is type of flow pattern. Lighter, faster moving continuous fluid which contains gas bubbles - pushes along a disperse gas bubble.

What is the effect of UG on slug flow?

In the slug flow regime, increasing UG leads to increase of recirculating velocity within the gas bubble and reduction of this magnitude within the liquid slug. However, because of negligible mass transfer resistance on the gas side, this additional mixing in the gas phase is not influential.

How do you avoid slug flow in piping?

At low velocities, liquid collects at the low point and periodically can become a slug in the line. With a sufficiently high velocity, the liquid phase can be carried through without developing a slug flow. Slug flow can be avoided in process piping by [ 56 ]: Using a low point effluent drain or bypass.

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