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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the skypian race?

The Skypian race is based of the inhabitants of Skypiea and Upper Yard. Small wings on back. Makes you jump higher than the other Races. (Although just a tiny bit, about 2 studs)

Who are skypieans?

Skypieans are the people who come from Skypiea and live on Angel Island and other islands in the sky. The Skypieans are mostly a non-aggressive race who live peacefully on the Sky Islands.

What is the difference between human and skypian?

Images on Patreon Note that information may be incorrect and may be subject to change some time in the future. Human: Doesn't have a variant. Skypian: Many wing variants ranging in size large and small, They offer no change to speed or fall damage reduction

How do you get skyskypian wings?

Skypian is a race, which has a 15% chance of spinning for in the customizing area where you spin for a race. This race grants the player wings, it allows the player to learn the ability Sky Glide from the NPC Teza at The Tree. It costs 10,000 Peli and you have to go to the top of The Tree to meet Teza.

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