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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Sims 4 CAS backgrounds?

The Best Sims 4 CAS Backgrounds CC & Mods (All Free) 1 1. Luumia CAS Overhaul 2. Check Out This CC. Let’s start with something clean and simple. Luumia’s CAS Overhaul 2 offers some pretty great ... 2 2. SnowKimx’s Cute CAS. 3 3. busra-tr’s Rainbow. 4 4. KatVerseCC’s Stars n Colors. 5 5. KatVerse’s Striped Studio CAS. More items

Where can I download custom bedroom backgrounds for the Sims 4?

If you like your Sims in a homey ambience, here is a whole pack of custom bedroom backgrounds! There are in total 7 of them, all of them with a unique vibe and warmth. To download them, follow our direct link to the official page at We like simplicity in all things, including CAS backgrounds for The Sims 4!

Is there a forgotten grotto in Sims 4 CAS?

Forgotten Grotto CAS Background There are a number of hidden worlds in The Sims 4 that you can access that have a completely different vibe than the regular worlds that you are used to. The forgotten grotto is one of the most beautiful and this creator made it into a beautiful CAS background.

What is a scenery background Sims 4?

These CAS backgrounds depict an actual physical setting using scenery images. They basically look like blown up landscape photos for your Sim to stand in front of. Common themes are nature-y backgrounds (like parks, trees, forests) and modern, urban settings (like buildings, housing interiors, commercial backdrops).

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