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Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is signal?

A function is asynchronous-safe, or asynchronous-signal safe, if it can be called safely and without side effects from within a signal handler context. That is, it must be able to be interrupted at any point to run linearly out of sequence without causing an inconsistent state.

Is signal a free app?

Signal costs nothing to use and is funded by community donations and grants. It’s also open source, means its source code is available on Github, so it gives app developers as well as you opportunity to verify the app’s integrity. So, in case you feel WhatsApp suspicious and Telegram complex for you, Signal is free on the App Store to use.

Is it signal or noise?

In electronics, noise is an unwanted disturbance in an electrical signal. Noise generated by electronic devices varies greatly as it is produced by several different effects. In communication systems, noise is an error or undesired random disturbance of a useful information signal.

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