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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Shopify apps and how to detect them?

Shopify apps are what give you the extra functionality you might need. Aside from being a Shopify theme detector, Gochyu is also a Shopify app detector. When you scan a website for information, we will also tell you what Shopify apps the website is using.

What is Shopify theme Detector extension?

Shopify Theme Detector Extension is developed by and has been used by nearly 4,000 users. This app is entirely compatible with your own device and is built with MegaMenu 2017 - v2. Additionally, you will see that installing Shopify Theme Detector is very simple.

How to build a Shopify store?

All you need to do when you’re building a Shopify store is to create an account on the Shopify site and then start using a theme and add apps. From there you can use one of the page builders to customize your website. Alternatively, you could use a Shopify developer to help you build the website.

How do I know what Shopify theme someone else is using?

If you like another Shopify site and you would like to know what theme the site is using, you can use the This is a great tool that can tell you lots of information about the Shopify store. When you know what theme someone else is using you can use that same theme or choose another.

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