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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shopify worth the money?

Yes, definitely Shopify is worth it. Many users find Shopify more friendly to use than any other ecommerce platforms. They have a huge selection of extensions that will make your business more flexible, profitable and easier. Support is fantastic. Basic package is affordable.

What is Shopify good for?

Shopify gives you the ability to integrate with social sharing networks and the ability to use mobile commerce to run and control your online store. Not only does Shopify have amazing features, it is one of the easiest shopping cart to use and requires little to no HTML experience.

What are the pros and cons of Shopify?

What is Shopify? Shopify pricing Key differences between Shopify plans 3.1. The differences 3.2. Which plan suits you best? Pros of Shopify 4.1. Sell products on multiple channels 4.2. Shopify's Buy Button 4.3. ... Cons of Shopify 5.1. Its themes coded in Liquid 5.2. ... Shopify's Rating Details When you should and should not use Shopify?

What does Shopify offer?

Because Shopify offers a comprehensive marketing suite, businesses are finding it easy to scale and get in front of new audiences. The platform offers SEO features, like customizable headlines, titles, and meta tags, so eCommerce sites can rank high in search results.

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