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Frequently Asked Questions

What does USPS shipping mean?

This usually refers to UPS or FedEx ground shipping or standard USPS mail. It is a deliberately vague term for a couple reasons. Each company that ships with any designated shipper has a contract for discounts based on volume of packages. There is also a wide difference in shipping materials for any specific product.

Does eBay charge for shipping?

But since many sellers started placing low price for the product and high price on the shipping to save those eBay fees, eBay decided to charge a fee on the total price of the item (price + shipping) so now shipping cost is also charged fees by eBay. Bottom line is that it won't decrease your fees.

How do you print shipping label from USPS?

Go to and click on "Print A Shipping Label" -- as of the date of this publication, this option is the third link on the red bar at the top of the Web page. Select the appropriate destination for your package (domestic or international) from the drop-down menu and click the "Sign In >" button.

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