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Frequently Asked Questions

What paint is best for Sherwin Williams paint?

Macadamia | Sherwin-Williams ©Sherwin-Williams Macadamia by Sherwin-Williams is super popular tan paint color. This energetic neutral paint color is a favorite for exterior color schemes and traditional decorating styles. Macadamia looks classic paired with black accents and creamy white trim.

Does the whiteboard paint really work?

Does whiteboard paint really work? Yes, it works, and the best quality whiteboard paint lasts longer than typical traditional whiteboards. Chemicals and some solvents in the pens

What are the most popular Sherwin Williams colors?

Another great option is to choose from one of Sherwin Williams paint colors of the year. The most popular shades in 2016 are green, orange, yellow and grey. These shades can be paired wonderfully neutral tones such as beige, white or brown furniture.

How does remarkable whiteboard paint work?

HOW REMARKABLE WHITEBOARD PAINT WORKS REMARKABLE™ IS A WHITEBOARD PAINT KIT THAT TURNS ANY SURFACE INTO A DRY ERASE BOARD . ReMARKable™ can be applied to nearly any painted surface. One simple step turns drywall, plaster, metal, or tile into a dry-erase surface.

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