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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sfx9 solid frame?

The X9 family continues its performance-driven evolution with the new SFX9 solid frame models. The first variant of the SFX9 is a 3.25” sub-compact double-column 9mm with our new SF (Solid Frame) lightweight aluminum grip frame design. The SFX9 frame is machined from solid T6-7075 aluminum that is rugged, comfortable, and highly concealable.

Why choose the Wilson sfx9?

More rugged than competing guns made with two-piece grip/frame construction, The slim and flat SFX9 solid frame with the Wilson Combat X-Tac tread pattern improves control with a non-abrasive, comfortable grip in all shooting conditions.

What kind of magazine does the sfx9 use?

The robust EDC X9 magazine is retained for the SFX9 and offers best in class reliability with a tube and follower system that was designed specifically around the 9mm cartridge by Mec-Gar, the industry leaders in double column magazine design.

What is the ERs on the sfx9?

The SFX9 sub-compact slide assembly retains Wilson Combat’s “Enhanced Reliability System” (ERS) for 9mm 1911’s. The ERS is tailored to the varying power levels of 9mm ammunition and maintains impressive reliability in all conditions, even when heavily fouled and low on lubrication.

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