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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SFX preferred resorts membership?

SFX Preferred Resorts is the only vacation exchange company that specializes in the higher quality resorts, in high-demand locations, that are listed in all major exchange networks. With an SFX membership, you will no longer be restricted to resorts that are in only one exchange company’s network… giving you greater vacation opportunities.

What does SFX stand for?

Welcome to SFX (Secure File Xchange) – Secure File Transfer Platform. © Copyright 2015. Goldman Sachs. All rights reserved. Goldman, Sachs & Co. Member SIPC.

Is the SFX program worth it?

We have been SFX members for several years and have used them exclusively to bank and exchange time share weeks as well as purchase several weeks to extend our vacations. You will save a lot of money using the SFX program. Highly recommended.

Can I deposit a vacation week in SFX to exchange it?

Other owners at our vacation property are suggesting we can deposit a vacation week in SFX to exchange for a week at other SFX member's properties. I am not sure if the loss of rental/use + annual fee + exchange fee + any other costs make sense.

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