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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is settings and more?

The most common way to open the Settings is by heading to the Start menu > Settings in the left pane. Additionally, you can innovate a bit by using the Windows 10 tile feature and “Pin to Start” the Settings app so you can get access to it from the Start menu as a tile.

Where is settings and more in edge?

Open the Microsoft Edge browser Click the Settings and more icon in the upper-right corner of the browser window In the drop-down menu that appears, near the bottom, select Settings

How do you change your cookie settings?

Changing your Cookie Settings. Within your browser, select Tools from the top menu bar, and then choose Internet Options. Click on the Privacy tab. Here, you can change settings for privacy control and elect how to accept cookies from sites you visit. For more control options, select the Advanced button.

How do I enable cookies on Microsoft Edge browser?

Edge- How do I enable cookies. Open the Edge Project Spartan app. Click/tap on the more actions button (3 dots) on the toolbar, and click/tap on Settings. (See screenshot below) Click/tap on View advanced settings towards the bottom. Under Cookies, select to either don’t block cookies (default), Block only third party cookies,...

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