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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a region free mod for the Sega Saturn?

Have your Sega Saturn fully upgraded with this modification which includes the region free BIOS and the switchless 50/60hz mod. This mod will allow you to play any game from any region at the correct speed. If you want the works for your Sega Saturn, this is it!

Can a Sega Saturn boot with a different BIOS version?

Testing region-free (pin 2 to GND) and unaltered (pin 2 to +5 V) BIOS versions: There were no issues this time; my Saturn was able to boot with both BIOS versions right away. The Sega Saturn has a power-hungry RTC.

What happens when a Sega Saturn battery is empty?

The Sega Saturn has a power-hungry RTC. When the battery is empty, not only are the date/time and language settings lost, but also all game save files. To prevent this, I replaced the battery-backed SRAM with non-volatile FRAM.

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