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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a region free BIOS for the Saturn?

After many years, a region free BIOS for the Saturn has been released. Currently it does not let you play CDr discs or control video mode, but it’s still a fantastic achievement. For further details check out the the site which released it.

Can a Sega Saturn boot with a different BIOS version?

Testing region-free (pin 2 to GND) and unaltered (pin 2 to +5 V) BIOS versions: There were no issues this time; my Saturn was able to boot with both BIOS versions right away. The Sega Saturn has a power-hungry RTC.

What does the region-free BIOS do?

The region-free BIOS has the region lockout removed and allows you to play (original) games from all regions. There is an excellent tutorial by mmmonkey that also takes care of the video mode. But, before attempting to swap the BIOS chips again, I had a thorough look at the content of the remaining flash memory chips that I had ordered years ago.

Is Seb's ultimate switchless mod obsolete with region-free BIOS?

With the region-free BIOS, most of the functions of Seb’s ultimate switchless mod are obsolete. The tutorial by mmmonkey provides a simplified version and program code of the aforementioned mod, reduced to switching the video mode only. When I re-programmed the PIC16F630 microcontroller, I lost the internal calibration data (OSCCAL).

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