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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Sega Saturn games are missing from redump?

Redump collection of Sega Saturn software Missing 0 games as of 2 September 2020. Topics: Sony, PS2, PSX2, PSX, Playstation 2, iso, cue, bin, img, ccd, sub, 7zip, zip, rar, torrent,...

Where can I download Sega Saturn ROMs?

For those who are facing the same errors and can't play particular game from this pack I got Sega Saturn ROMset from the ROM website. They only contain a small percent : ( not sure how else to download them practically either,.

How to download Saturn games on Linux/macOS?

Just open a terminal windows in your Linux/MacOS computer and run next command: This will create in your current directory a file named " saturn-full-romset.txt " which contains per line all URLs to download every single game. Then, just use a download manager (such as jdownloader) and enjoy.

What is the redump project?

This is an unofficial collection of "Redump" uploads, claiming to be part of the Redump Disc Preservation Project, a longstanding effort to make archival copies of the CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs of various consoles and platforms over the years. They should not be considered canonical, although many will be accurate. More...

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