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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Sega Saturn controller D-pad worth it?

The only thing that hurts the wired Saturn pad is that it lacks that "Mode" button. The d-pad is far superior to the one that the Genesis pad has, but the lack of extra functionality hurts it for use on other hardware.

Is Retro-bit making controllers for the Sega Genesis and Saturn?

Hey everyone! Earlier this year we covered the newly released Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn controllers from Retro-bit (read all about that here ). At the time, we knew that Retro-bit had gotten the license from Sega to do what they will.

What are the best Sega gamepads on the market?

Retro-Bit's line of officially licensed Sega Genesis and Saturn gamepads are some of the best on the market. For many retro gaming enthusiasts, nothing will beat the controllers they grew up using.

Are N64 controllers similar to Sega Genesis controllers?

There are certainly some creative liberties taken with certain devices – an N64 controller by the company has a radically different design – nothing compares to its line of Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn controllers. If one hasn't used an original in the last decade or two, they might mistake the Retro-bit for a '90s original.

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