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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Sega Saturn emulator?

RetroArch is the best Sega Saturn emulator because of it’s incredible compatibility. It is the shapeshifter of console emulators and a solid choice for someone who just wants to turn on and play the best Sega Saturn games. Like Toys ‘R’ Us, RetroArch holds tonnes of different exciting surprises under one virtual roof.

What are the system requirements for a Sega Saturn controller?

Controller set - Using Retro-Bit Wireless, Bluetooth or Wired Sega Saturn controller Older version that have the EZ Settingtab - Set to Full Compatibility Test Systems (For versions above 0.12 Beta R5): Desktop Intel Core i7-9700K Coffee Lake 8-Core 3.6 GHz (4.9 GHz Turbo) LGA 1151 (300 Series) 95W

Is there a Saturn emulator for x86?

By default, only x86-64 builds have Saturn support, but unofficial x86-32 builds and libretro frontends like RetroArch can surpass this limitation. Used to be the emulator of choice for compatible Saturn emulation.

Is SSF a good emulator for Saturn?

It has replaced other Saturn emulator veterans such as Satourne over the years and is a reliable program that does exactly what it sets out to achieve with no bells and whistles attached. As far as compatibility goes, SSF boasts an impressive number of games that work on the system.

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