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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Sega Master System consoles have been sold in Brazil?

The number of Master System consoles on the market in Brazil, based on sales figures compiled by UOL Games in 2012 is 5 million. That’s a larger install base in Brazil than for the Genesis, the most popular Sega game system in the U.S., which sold 3 million copies during its lifetime.

When did the Sega Master System come out?

It was originally a remodeled export version of the Sega Mark III, the third iteration of the SG-1000 series of consoles, which was released in Japan in 1985 and featured enhanced graphical capabilities over its predecessors. The Master System launched in North America in 1986, followed by Europe in 1987, and Brazil in 1989.

Why are Master System games so popular in Brazil?

Because of hardware similarities including the landscape screen orientation, Master System games are easily portable to the handheld. In particular, many Master System ports of Game Gear games were done by Tectoy for the Brazilian market, as the Master System was more popular than the Game Gear in the region.

Is Brazil an alternate video game universe where Sega beat Nintendo?

"Brazil Is An Alternate Video Game Universe Where Sega Beat Nintendo". Atlas Obscura. Archived from the original on June 21, 2017. Retrieved December 11, 2017. ^ a b c d "Master System data" (in Japanese).

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